Director Message


Chief, Central Veterinary Lab

Detection of disease is the foundation for disease control, prevention and eradication. Early and accurate diagnosis of diseases can only be assured in fully equipped laboratories that have range of standardized diagnostic reagents with trained human resource. Nepal being the member of World Trade Organization (WTO) has to implement SPS measures on scientific merit. Laboratory based diagnosis is of paramount importance for implementing the SPS measures in the territory. Therefore, the role of veterinary laboratories is very important in diagnosing diseases of major livestock species in the country.

Still there is a scope to uplift the standards and quality assurance of the laboratory diagnosis conducted by existing facilities. To briefly outline the services presently offered at the CVL premises in Tripureshwor. it can be described as- i) Parasitological tests ii) Pathological tests iii) Microbiological tests iv) Serological tests v) Molecular diagnostic tests. With the establishment of molecular diagnostic techniques at the CVL, routine molecular diagnosis of Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, and Infectious Bursal Disease is performed. Similarly, the ELISA, IFAT, HA/HI, AGPT, virus isolation and characterization and other routine diagnostic tests are used for the diagnosis of various livestock and poultry diseases.

We are putting our efforts to upgrade CVL, Regional Veterinary Labs and National Avian Disease Investigation Laboratory to provide reliable and prompt diagnostic services all over the country. We already have good co-ordination between regional labs and basic labs and the sample flow in the national reference laboratories is routinely being done.

The CVL have future plans for displaying tests results with code numbers in the official website for the convenience of the farmers, entrepreneurs and practicing veterinarians for ease of collecting the reports at their workplaces and home.

Now general public and stakeholders are able to communicate with the laboratory personnel’s for their queries, grievances and valuable suggestions which they may post through the e-mail. The CVL is the national level veterinary laboratory institution of the country and solicits for valuable public support for maintaining its pride of place.