Molecular Biology

Jan 20, 2021

Molecular Biology Unit

Molecular tools are increasingly important in modern animal disease research not only in other country but also in our country Nepal. In view of this, Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) has established molecular biology unit in 2003. Earlier this laboratory has started to diagnose disease especially avian influenza by using RT-PCR technique. Later CVL has started real time PCR for diagnose avian diseases. CVL also started multiplex for respiratory disease of small ruminant (PPR, MCCP, Capripox, Pasteurella) and swine diseases (African swine fever virus, Classical swine fever virus, Salmonella and Erysipela) since 2016.

Serology Unit

Serology unit of CVL performs different serological tests for the diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases mainly associated with viral and bacterial infection. Most of the samples are submitted to this unit by Veterinary Laboratories, National Avian Disease Investigation Laboratory, District Offices, Quarantine Check-posts, private practitioner, farmers and staff of CVL during disease outbreak investigations, routine diagnosis well as sero-monitoring. This section possess capacity and facility of Competitive Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Immuno-capture ELISA, Indirect ELISA, Tube agglutination Test, Plate agglutination test and rapid tests.

Serology Unit also participate in proficiency testing (PT) especially for PPR diagnosis by ELISA method and Brucellosis by PAT since 2016.