Micro Biology

Jan 20, 2021

Microbiology section:  

Microbiology sections consist of two units, viz. virology and bacteriology.


Virology unit


Virology unit performs various tests for the diagnosis of viral diseases. The samples are routinely received through the post mortem unit of CVL, government veterinary hospitals or laboratories, and private hospitals or clinics. During the outbreaks, samples might be submitted through quarantine check posts, animal farms, and local levels. 

The unit has facilities for performing competitive ELISA, fluorescent antibody test (FAT), plate agglutination test (PAT), and rapid antigen detection test. The rapid antigen detection test kit is mainly used for the initial screening of poultry diseases such as avian influenza, Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease, infectious bronchitis, and rabies in animals. The confirmatory diagnosis of avian influenza and Newcastle disease samples are transferred to the molecular section of CVL. The confirmative diagnosis for rabies is conducted by fluorescent antibody test (FAT), Negri body detection, and biological test.



Bacteriology with mycology unit:

Bacteriology unit receives samples through the postmortem unit of CVL, veterinary hospitals and clinics, and even the samples directly from the farms. The samples are mainly two types. i) Clinical samples include tissue samples from the dead birds and animals, milk samples from the diseased dairy animals, and water samples from farm supply. ii) Surveillance samples consist of samples from healthy animals such as fecal, cecal, environmental, and feed samples to monitor bacteria and fungus.

The received samples are processed and cultured for bacterial/fungal isolation and identification. Both biochemical processes and automated methods are applied for bacteria confirmation. Subsequently, the identified bacteria are subjected to antimicrobial susceptibility testing with different panels of antimicrobials. The test results of identification and antimicrobial susceptibility are routinely reported to the clients.