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Central Veterinary Laboratory
Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Dr. Dikar Dev Bhatta

Detection of disease is the foundation for disease control, prevention and eradication. Early and accurate diagnosis of diseases can only be assured in fully equipped laboratories Read More...
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Serology section of CVL performs different serological tests for the diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases mainly associated with viral and bacterial infection. Most of the samples are submitted to this unit by Regional Veterinary Laboratories, District Livestock Service Offices, Quarantine Check-posts, private practitioner, farmers and staff of CVL during disease outbreak investigations well as routine diagnosis. This section possess capacity and facility of Competitive Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), IgM capture ELISA, Indirect ELISA, Tube agglutination Test, Agar-Gel Immuno-Diffusion(AGID) test, Plate agglutination test, A solid phase immune assay (Immuno- comb) and rapid tests. 

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