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Dr. Dikar Dev Bhatta

Detection of disease is the foundation for disease control, prevention and eradication. Early and accurate diagnosis of diseases can only be assured in fully equipped laboratories Read More...
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Our Objectives

The role of veterinary laboratory system has become dynamic in the advent of food safety issues, economic liberalization and trade globalization. Nepal joined as a WTO member in 2004. Therefore, Nepal follows the guidelines provided by Office International des Epizootics (OIE) for the provision of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) agreement under WTO that seeks scientific procedures and evidences in the course of disease diagnosis as well as production chain. The roles of veterinary diagnostic laboratories are now therefore expanded and challenging in the new context. Moreover, CVL works with the following objectives in the country. 

  • Provide laboratory diagnostic services in the country in the area of animal health and veterinary public health.
  • Acts as a national veterinary reference laboratory.
  • Conduct epidemiological disease investigation & laboratory diagnosis of livestock and poultry disease.
  • Support the national disease control and surveillance programs.
  • Acquire, adopt, upgrade and disseminate different laboratory diagnostic test methodologies for Livestock and poultry diseases.
  • Assist Animal Health Directorate (AHD) in the animal health policy development and formulation of animal disease control and eradication programs.
  • Extend & disseminate information concerning livestock and poultry disease controls.
  • Collaborate with international reference laboratories & institutions on veterinary laboratory diagnosis.
  • Assist in implementation of national epidemic control strategies.
  • Conduct laboratory diagnosis techniques training for the veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals.
  • Strengthen and coordinate regional and district level veterinary laboratories.
  • To achieve the aforementioned objectives, there are a series of approved annual activities carried out by different laboratory sections of the CVL, five RVLs and NADIL. 
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