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Dr. Dikar Dev Bhatta

Detection of disease is the foundation for disease control, prevention and eradication. Early and accurate diagnosis of diseases can only be assured in fully equipped laboratories Read More...
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Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) focuses program with the objective of securing healthy national flocks of animals and birds throughout the nation by mitigating the occurrence of diseases of livestock and poultry. CVL also works on epidemic investigation as well as surveillance and investigation on various diseases in its approved annual program. The direct benefit of the performance of various laboratories has been experienced in the field of veterinary medical care based on valid laboratory test results. To achieve these multidimensional activities, CVL works with a series of laboratory test procedures through its various laboratory sections; Pathology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Serology, Laboratory management and teaching lab and Molecular Biology with a considerable progress in the later. At present the molecular based diagnosis of avian influenza is in routine use.

CVL has standard Operating Procedures, test protocols and quality guideline manual. CVL is gradually practicing the biosafety/ biosecurity measures so that good laboratory practice is followed in our all the diagnostic laboratories. CVL has already been adopting test verification system through international reference laboratories which will help in the accreditation of CVL for international certification as well.

To provide diagnostic facilities throughout the country, CVL works through its five Regional Veterinary Laboratories (RVLs) located one in each of the development regions of the nation;... Read More

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

This Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory provides laboratory diagnostic testing for Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Protozoa, Parasites and other causes of disease in animal and poultry diagnostic samples.

Our Role

We are for livestock farmers of the country for diagnosis, outbreak investigation and surveillance of economically and zoonotically important diseases of livestock and poultry.

Information Officer
Dr.Manju Maharjan

Veterinary Officer

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